You Deserve a Break Today

Wow. That actually happened. I certainly remember the line itself: like most jingles, it’s been permanently stored in that special long-term memory area of the brain designed solely for jingle-storage. But I have no memory of the full Broadway production we just witnessed.

Let’s watch it again!

Okay, I’m back. Whew. That was fun.

I chose the McDonald’s catch-phrase for today’s post because once again another Friday has snuck up on me, quite unfairly I might add. I’ve looked over my ten or so draft posts. I’ve looked at my “Blog Post Ideas” list, but I’ll be honest: I’ve got nothing.

And it’s not just today. I’ve been thinking the last few weeks, “What is this blog supposed to be about?” Back to the Fridge had a theme and a purpose. So did Elsewhither. Sadly, this blog is just all over the place.

It might be different if I were famous and had millions of adoring fans who thought it might be interesting to read about my weight one week and the progress of a manuscript the next. But for an average Joe-on-the-street it feels both aimless and tedious.

I think the answer is obvious:

  • Find my special purpose
  • Only post when I have something worthwhile to post

The reason I forced myself to post weekly was just that: to force myself to write. If I did nothing else, at least I’d have that anchor. The above two-point plan makes sense. What scares me is that “when I have something worthwhile to post” turns into once a year.

So . . . I don’t know.

Anyone got any ideas?

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I’m struggling with much the same thing. Back in the day, writing advice seemed the most logical option for my blog content. Now, though? Now I feel like I want it to be more about whatever struck me as important throughout the week. Maybe it was about writing, maybe it’s some tv show or book I want to share with my followers, maybe it’s just pictures of my cats.

The people who follow me are interested in what’s going on in my life, not necessarily just my writing. They may skip the cat posts and appreciate the writing posts more, but that doesn’t mean I should edit my content to fit a narrower box.

Write what’s important to you and the right people will follow and pay attention to the pieces that matter to them.

That’s my current working theory, of course. It was a lot easier when I was blogging about being a healing priest in WoW — now that the blog is about ME, it turns out I’m a more multi-faceted topic. ^_^



Tami! Didn’t realize you were still here. 🙂

The writing angle is kind of funny, because I assumed this blog would lean very much in that direction. And I guess it has. (Less so than but way more than Trouble is, I don’t know if anyone finds it interesting.

Write what’s important to you. Good advice, except there are too many things important to me. 🙂 Can’t stay focused.

But that will be next week’s blog topic.


Oh my gosh! I thoroughly enjoyed the McDonald’s production. Charlie, you are so funny and so smart and such a good writer, I enjoy just about everything you write. I love your truthful funny take on weight loss. Keep writing about whatever hits you during the week. Sorry I don’t comment more, but I keep up with whatever you’ve written!



I’m with Melodee, I enjoy whatever you write about. I find your sense of humor and wit entertaining. I’m right there with you with flip flopping all over the place with my interest. I have a blog but have yet to make it public for fear of no readers. Thanks for the McDonald’s video, I don’t think they ever played the whole thing but maybe as a child my attention span wasn’t that long considering the topic was cleaning.



Thanks, Kim. One tip for you on the blogging. If your fear is not having any readers, then keeping it private is the perfect way to accomplish that. 🙂 Open it up, share it with people, visit other bloggers (like me) and enter your web site. People will follow you back and you may gather a fan or two along the way.

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