Theory of Evolution

Did humans evolve from apes?

That has been one of the most hotly debated questions over the last one hundred and fifty-seven years. Touching on everything from religion to culture to politics to personal belief systems, this controversy ranks right up there with the best of them.

Both (or all) sides in the debate cite the piles of evidence they’ve collected over the decades, clearly and irrefutably supporting their particular view. And, as with any good debate, we witness hallowed truths clash in discomforting ways.

I won’t go into any details on the historical debate. Feel free to browse any one of the hundreds or thousands of good books on the topic. I’m only here today to express my dismay over the sheer volume of obvious and tangible evidence that goes completely overlooked: evidence that clearly and irrefutably supports my particular view.

On the one hand, it’s hard to look at the seven extant species of great apes and not see similarities. Faces, bodies, hands, fingers, muscles, blood and bones: it’s all there. It’s not as if humans are constructed exclusively out of rainbows, cinnamon, and platinum.

But on the other hand, let’s just take a quick walk through history. In no particular order we have: war, slavery, greed, ethnic cleansing, neglect, torture, drug trade, human trafficking, organized crime, apathy, terrorism, slaughter, persecution, genocide, revenge, domestic abuse, murder, selfishness. Sadly, that’s probably less than one percent of the complete list.

Oh sure, we have opposable thumbs and written language and space travel. But those things aren’t nearly enough to offset our penchant for hate, fear, and what’s increasingly feeling like inevitable self-destruction.

Did humans evolve from apes?

Heck, that’s about the easiest question ever posed.

Not yet.

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