The Year in Review

Whelp, we’ve put yet another year behind us. And what a year 2016 was. “The worst” according to the wisest of all institutions: social media. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. History will tell. (But if you ask me, 1349 might give 2016 a good run for its money.)

Like many others, this is a time where I look back and reflect again on the passage of time. Its pace continues to quicken and if I’m going to finish any of my projects, I need to quit wasting time on stupid things like eating and sleeping.

So without further pointless typing, let’s take a walk back through my 2016.


I kicked off the year by doing something really stupid. I turned fifty. Sure, it seemed like a good idea at the time but looking back on it, I don’t know what I was thinking. On the creative front, my meager accomplishment was starting this here new blog. But the house move continued to dominate all aspects of life.


Um. Let’s see. February. February. Spent forty hours working on the move. Went to work. Ate and slept some more.


March. Hmmm. Big month working on the move: 182 hours in all. This was mostly prepping the old house for sale. Stressful period. Biz helped. Thanks, B.


Okay, so now it’s April. According to Timekeeper, I spent 44.7 hours working on move-related stuff, but also have mysteriously logged 26.87 hours on one of my writing projects. I don’t remember doing that. I do remember eating and sleeping.


Logged over eighty hours of house-related work. Yep. Definitely a theme here.


And finally, the actual move. I “only” spent 140 hours on the move this month, but at least it’s finally behind us. Now there’s now just six to seventy-two months of unpacking and settling in ahead of us.

July through November

I blinked. What happened again?

Worked on the house. Dusted off an old book project and worked on that for NaNo. Went to work and ate and slept.


And here we are. For the first time in a year and a half I kinda sorta feel like maybe I can think about maybe sorta relaxing. That is, we’ve done the basic settling down into the new house and there are no more real hard deadlines to hit. The holidays are behind us and I think I’m ready for that fresh New Year feeling.

I’m definitely done moving for a while. In twelve months we:

  • Moved Sarah out of Austin and to Ft Worth.
  • Moved half our house to a temporary storage facility.
  • Moved the rest of our house to a new house.
  • Moved Rachel out of her apartment back into the new house.
  • Moved out of the temporary storage facility.
  • Moved Sarah from Ft Worth to Dallas.

I should’ve given everyone a head’s up: you could’ve invested in U-Haul a year ago and cashed out a fortune today. Oh well.

Whelp, that’s about it. I guess looking back on things, I really didn’t have much to report. Tune in next week for the ever-popular New Year’s Resolutions. (Sneak Peek: I’m planning on having a lot to report for the 2017 Year in Review post.)

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I actually think that’s the longest period in our adult lives we’ve spent together Charlie – 12 days?!

Glad you are settled – can’t wait to come visit and see the new place with furniture in it.

Here’s to 2017! I’ve opted not to make my homemade snicker bars for your family and have opted for healthy granola. You’ll hopefully get your Christmas package before the end of January. Love you!

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