Summer Vacation

The public school system is designed to prepare children for adulthood. The system teaches children essential knowledge of readin’, writin’ and ’rithmetic. It gives them invaluable experience in social interaction. And where else would children learn how to turn ropes of clay into treasured lopsided pots?

However, the typical public school system fails children in one very important area. For thirteen years it quietly indoctrinates each child into believing one works nine months and then takes three months off. Through the spring, as the days lengthen and the temperatures rise, so too does each child’s anticipation of summer grow.

No school! No homework! Complete freedom! Days full of beaches and ice cream. Nights full of catching fireflies and staying up past ten o’clock. All of these wonders starting in the three months after kindergarten, then after first grade, and after second grade, and so on.

I still carry a vivid memory of me riding my bike around town during the July before my senior year in high school. (I’m about 75% sure it happened right here, on Oak Avenue between Bonnie Brae and Harlem.) As I biked in the street in my usual slow and aimless pattern, I thought, “This is my last summer vacation. After this, it’ll be time for me to work through the summers. And even perhaps (gasp!) work every month of the year!

The horrors!

As it turned out, I was correct. Through no fault or ill action of my own, the universe abruptly and unceremoniously reduced the duration of summer vacation from three months to one week. And sometimes not even that.

Whelp, I’m a grown up now. In spite of the persistent lie grown ups told me when I was young (“When you’re grown up, you can do whatever you want!”) I’m going to take just one opportunity to do what I want and embark on a summer vacation.

No, not from work. No, not from chores. But from the blog. This probably comes as little surprise, given the sad sputtering of posts over the last couple months. It’s clear I need to give the old brain a break for a bit and return well-rested and strong in the fall.

See you all back here again on September First. Have a great summer and be sure to take lots of pictures!

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