So How’s That Plan Coming?

Nearly nine months ago, I outlined a plan of attack for my various works in progress. Let’s see how things turned out!

First, let’s review the more realistic parts of the plan:

Spring 2016: This blogger finishes the move to the new house. There’s just no way around this and he has to realistically budget plenty of time for it.

September 2016: This blogger publishes his “cancer book.” Yep, for real.

April 2017: Right on the heels of that, he publishes Ronald. True, this isn’t a lot of time from the end of the last book. But that’s okay because: 1) he’s already written the basic storyline and 2) it’s only going to be a novella, if not shorter.

December 2017: This blogger finishes Elsewhither, the first book of the Underhaven Trilogy.

How’d we do?

Whelp, we sold the old house and moved into the new. That alone was a major accomplishment. And if I did nothing else this year, I couldn’t feel bad about it.

And how about that cancer book? Obviously, that did not get published. But at least this time it was due to a calculated decision. I actually did finish writing about 95% of it. The end needs some cleanup and then there’s another editing pass. But it really did come together. But September rolled along, for some reason the release timing didn’t feel right and I wanted to hold it until my five-year anniversary, next April.

I then changed my mind about the next two things: Ronald and Elsewhither. Because a few weeks ago, I just got it in my head that the time was ripe to remove four years of dust from Winter’s Gate (a.k.a. Tuesday Night) and finish that one first.

Why? No idea. This is all my brain’s idea and it never consults me before making important decisions.

So that’s where I am now. I’m trying to fix up some major mechanical issues with the story and then use this year’s NaNoWriMo to get ‘er done.

How’s it going? Well, if you’d asked me two days ago I would’ve said, “Great!” Today, though, I got stuck again. So, “Not so much!”

But that’s okay. Because I’ve got a plan!

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Hey as long as you have a plan, you are half way there! For a second I thought “how the hell did I miss the publishing of his cancer book?!”

I like the idea of it coming out on your 5 year anniversary 😀 Love you!

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