Sick Again

I’ve been sick again this past week. I say “again” as if it’s been happening a lot lately. But once around this time last year and then again now is a lot lately to me. I’d be fine just doing this once every five years. Or less.

Funny Story

This week’s blog post (if you can call it that) falls under the “best laid plans” category.

In my New Year’s Post (which, uh, sadly is the post immediately prior to this one) I said I wasn’t going to announce any goals because the act of telling people about one’s goals makes one less likely to achieve them. Besides, every time I announce a set of goals, everything goes off the rails anyway and invariably I look back on the original starry-eyed post and just get sad at myself.

The funny part is that last Friday I had a nearly-ready-to-go post in which, in clear violation of my just-established rules, I announced my blogging plans for the next couple months. Keep in mind, I wrote this on Thursday. On Friday morning, I had to get to work early and never got around to posting it, let alone finishing it. That might’ve been a record for an “announced” set of plans to go haywire.

The following week, which just happens to be today, I’d planned to not post, because I wasn’t going to be around. Except that I got sick and all my plans changed. I couldn’t go two weeks in a row in silence, so here are some words. 🙂

Every Good Post Deserves Content

I can’t just leave the post there. I have to deliver some sort of solid, original content, whatever my current situation or “plans” are. So . . . let’s see.

I could maybe dig up an excerpt of some work in progress.

Or I could get a jump start on my upcoming blog posts.

Or (checks the clock) do something really quick since I’m out of time. A poem it is!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Leave me a comment
Cuz I have the flu

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Oh how I know the feeling. Plus my husband, son, mama and 2/3 of the bus drivers I work with are sick. I don’t think we’ve ever had this many sick at one time. It bites!
Get better Charlie. Drink those fluids, get lots of sleep and next week we can start all the good stuff again.

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