Out of Order

I’ve been sick for about ten or eleven days now. I’m not exactly sure how long it’s been because there’s no specific point in time one can generally flag and say, “Yep, that was it. I wasn’t sick before then and then I was sick after that.” Unless maybe there happened to be an episode of The Jerry Springer Show in there.

By “sick” I think I mean “have a cold.” The two worst symptoms have been a cough and sore throat. The one worst symptom has been a sore throat. As far as non-life-threatening ailments go, sore throats are about the second worst thing you can get, topped only by earaches. While my body flirted with earaches here and there, I thankfully avoided a full flare up. The supporting cast of symptoms were the usual: headaches, mild fever, and an inability to count calories.

The first few days delivered the usual, start-of-cold, mild-grade symptoms. It’s that hopeful period where you think it just might just dodge a bullet this one time. But around eleven in the morning last Friday, while at work, I’d decided enough was enough. I headed home.

One of my first tasks after arriving home was setting up a doctor appointment. I hit the appointment web site, found a slot open at 11:30 Saturday morning but failed to click “submit” before inadvertently passing out. When I woke up a couple hours later, the slot had been taken and the next opportunity wouldn’t be until Monday. Looking back, I don’t think that would’ve changed anything. It was a miserable weekend either way, followed by an equally miserable week after the appointment anyway.

Let’s skip ahead a week.

The good news is I seem to feel well enough to produce a blog post. I’m not “all better” by any means, but I’ll take what I can get. The bad news is, I’m far behind on everything else. The most important “everything else” is my upcoming book. Last October I said it would be ready in April. I said that again in January. We’re now getting close to days of February that start with a two and I’m worried. I have to get this thing done. I just have to.

So if anyone wants to take over the last few days of this cold for me, that’d be great. Or if anyone has a couple weeks they can donate, even better. Thanks!

Oh, and I also need to know how long I have to wait after taking codeine before I can have a beer. Because I need one of those too.

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Sore throats are the worst – I think I’d rather have a broken bone

I’m so sorry you were so sick! I hope you are coming out of the most of it and on the mend. No fun at all!

Love and hugs to you!!


Gah. Sorry Charlie – it seems to be going around my family too – first Hannah, then Jacob, then me with a nagging cough and runny nose for 3 weeks, now back to Hannah. I am hoping I will stay clear of this next round.

But since I am your prettiest sister, I’ll take the last few days of your cold so you can get your book done 😀

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