Okay I Think I Got a Plan or Something

I didn’t want to talk about dieting too much around here. And I especially didn’t want to talk about it two weeks in a row. (“Hello? 2008 called and it wants your old blog back.”) But I feel the need to do so just this once. I swears!

When we left off last week, I had just decided to wrest control of my life back after having basically no control for the last few months. In all the busy-ness, my weight started to creep back up toward the Danger Zone. I had to do something.

Thus began Diet #118, but without any clear plan. I mean, who needs a plan? Plans are for people without any imagination. In fact, most of humankind’s greatest inventions (Slinkies, microwave ovens, democracy) all happened simply by winging it.

Alas, Diet #118 ended up a disaster. Nothing changed. I tried (and failed) to start logging foods again. I tried (and failed) to start eating less. And exercise? Well, I didn’t even bother trying that. So at least in that respect, I met one goal:

Don’t Exercise: ☑

So just this past Monday (April 18), after only one week on Diet #118, I began Diet #119. Except this time, I had a plan. Plans are for people who actually want to accomplish something. In fact, most of humankind’s greatest inventions (the printing press, telecommunications, pizza delivery) all happened by careful planning.

Day One

The Plan: Don’t eat.

Yep, that was the entire plan. The first thing I like to do after over-eating for an extended period is to simply fast for one day. I don’t have any scientific evidence to back this up, but I really feel like it helps me reboot. (If nothing else, it gives my pancreas a much-needed rest.) I ended up going twenty-two hours on this fancy low-carb, low-fat, gluten-free, vegan diet before it all ended in a giant plate of spaghetti.

Day Two

Hang on, I forgot something. “Don’t eat” wasn’t the entire plan. I also added the step “check blood sugars” because that’s very important too. I began Day One at 113 mg/dL and I ended Day One at 95 mg/dL. If I can get the start of every day at 95, I’ll call it a success.

Fasting yesterday went so well, I tried it again today. This time I caved after only about twenty hours. It’s funny how after a while of not eating you just don’t feel hungry as much.

Day Three

This time I ate at noon, so only about a fourteen-hour fast. I see where this is going. In a few weeks I’ll be back to eating every seven minutes.

Day Four

Whelp, I’m down five pounds this morning. I think my total caloric intake for the prior three days was less that one day on the see-food diet. I see where this is going. In about six months I’ll be down to my goal weight, just in time for The Holidays where I’ll undo it all. So sad.

Day Five

That’s today! And since I had to write this post last night, I have no idea what today will bring. Although, if history is any guide, I’ll gain five pounds overnight. I’ll let you know how things turned out in the comments. In the meantime, I’m hungry. I think I’ll order a pizza.

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I would like to be on the “eat every seven minute” plan! I could never go that long without eating, but glad your blood sugars are still in normal range. 😀

Happy Party Pizza Friday!



A plan. I need one of those too. But for this weekend, my plan is to go on a road trip, eat a bunch of junk food, enjoy my birthday and our 36th wedding anniversary and than come back on Monday and fast, drink lots of water, start a cleanse and by Wednesday have a real plan in order but first………..the weekend. Heading to International Falls just because we’ve never been there. Than we’ll see what happens.
Good luck Charlie. I love reading your blog and was happy you sent out a note on the old one reminding everyone you moved.
Blessings Charlie.

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