Is it Friday Already?

Back in the golden age of Back to the Fridge, I posted five days a week, Monday through Friday. It was a brutal schedule (for me, anyway) mostly because my blog wasn’t a typical blog. While I’m not sure if there’s a formal definition for a “typical” blog, in my head it was the kind of blog where the author simply wrote about whatever happened to happen the previous day.

I got up early today and fixed a bowl of oatmeal. Here’s a picture of my oatmeal. I then exercised. Here’s a picture of the treadmill. I went to work. For lunch I had a salad. Here’s a picture of the salad. When I got home I made some mashed potatoes: enough for six people, but I ate them all myself. Here’s a selfie of me feeling stuffed. Have a great weekend everybody!

It’s not a bad format. And it’s definitely a popular format. Lots and lots of blogs like this have lots and lots of followers. For me, though, I just wanted to do something different: like, not have lots and lots of followers.

So I made my posts different (both different from other bloggers and different from each other.) I wanted each to stand on its own. No two would be the same. Every day would be something completely new. It was a challenge and I enjoyed it.

But it was a brutal schedule. I remember talking to my mom about it one day, comparing my life as a blogger to a weekly newspaper columnist. “They’re so lucky,” I said. “They have an entire week to come up with just one stupid column. I have to do that every day.”

Except I didn’t “have to” do that. It was just a blog. It’s not like I was under contract or anything. But the idea of “once a week” stuck with me and when I started this blog, it was settled. Once a week. Every Friday. I’ll have hours and hours and days and days to prepare. Easy peasy.

I climbed into bed last night, tired after another day of the usual busy-ness. As I began to drift off, it hit me. “Crap, is it Friday already?” This thought ignited a heated internal debate.

“Yes, it’s Friday already. You have to write a blog post.”
“I know, I know,” I replied to myself, annoyed.
“What are you going to write about?” I pressed.
“No clue.”
“No clue?” I ridiculed myself. “You’ve had a whole week to prepare for this! What’ve you been doing?
“I’m not even going to dignify that with an answer.”

In the end, I won the argument and I went to sleep with a single thought. “I’ll think of something in the morning.” Whelp, it’s Friday morning and here you go. Clearly I couldn’t think of anything.

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I feels ya, Charlie. This is when having a blogdog comes in handy…post a few pics of the very popular blogdog and boom – you are done and people seem happy.

Have a great weekend!


For the record, I love Shelley’s blog posts about her dog Paco!

Yep, it’s easy for us “recap” bloggers to come up with content – but you are a thousand times better a writer than I’ll ever be 😀

Happy Friday!


Have you considered carrying a small piece of paper and writing all the hilarious things your coworker(s) say on them? You have at least two funny coworkers. You could combine the words that come out of their mouths into a blog post completely unrelated. This Friday’s would be “Not Dogs” and other faux meats. You’re welcome in advance!

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