Book Excerpt: Tuesday Night Prologue

Tuesday Night is one of the two working titles for my first (and likely last) foray into science fiction. The name has nothing to do with the evening of the second day of the workweek. No, Tuesday Night is the name of the main character. She’s a seventeen year old high school senior who uncharacteristically falls asleep in math class one day and has a very strange dream.

The other working title is Winter’s Gate. The name Winter has nothing to do with the season of the year and everything to do with a man who goes by that name and who (in my mind) looks a heck of a lot like Paul Bettany. (Sadly, Paul Bettany won’t play Winter in the film adaptation because by the time that happens, he’ll be about seventy years older than the character.)

You may note there’s nothing remotely science fictiony about the prologue. But just like works that people would consider “well written,” the prologue introduces the protagonist and establishes some important story points.

I will go on record and state there are a number of issues with this: issues I definitely plan to fix. I debated a good while about fixing them before posting today, but in the end decided to put the flawed version out there for posterity’s sake. In spite of the flaws there are few things I really like about it.

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Historical Note: the featured image of this blog post is a shot of Fermilab just outside of Batavia, Illinois. I took it (almost) exactly six years ago in September 2010 when I made a surprise visit to Chicago for my mom’s birthday. Somewhat coincidentally, today is her birthday so I’d like to give her a shout out. You might find this hard to believe, but she’s exactly six years older today than she was in 2010. There’s a link between this photo and Tuesday Night / Winter’s Gate which may or may not be apparent later, depending on how much I change it.

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