About Me

My name is Charlie Hills. I like sleeping, eating sandwiches, and taking long walks on the beach. Sometimes all at the same time. If you’d like to find me in other places, here’s a good start:

Place Notes
Facebook Warning: I’m rarely on Facebook.
LinkedIn Important: I only accept professional connections. It’s not a social network.
Goodreads Achtung: My reading list is waaaay out of date.
Twitter Caution: I tweet upwards of five times a month.
DeviantArt Note: Almost as out of date as Goodreads.
Flickr Comment: Go see some of my picturs.
SoundCloud Hearken: Currently empty. This will change in 2016.
Getting Results Info: My old video book publishing company. It’s still around!
Timekeeper Comment: Windows-based time-tracking software pet project of mine.

About the Blog

This is where I blog. I’ve had several blogs over the years, but in January 2016, I decided to collapse what was left of them into one. What do I write about? In general, topics that interest me. I will write about my creative endeavors. I will sometimes write about the food I eat and how much I weigh. I’m very unlikely to post cat pictures.

For the people who’ve followed my blogging over the years, they do so generally not because of what I write, but how I write it. You see, I count myself as one of an elite group of around seventy million people who believe they have some sort of gift with words. Every one of them has a certain special something about how they approach their craft. For me, my secret is that I use both nouns and verbs.