A Visit from St. Writer’s Block

’Twas three days before Christmas and here at my blog
I sat thinking and staring, my brain in a fog.
“I need to write something,” I stated aloud.
“Last week I wrote nothing!” (Of this I’m not proud.)

I checked all my drafts, and my papers, and notes.
I flipped through my stash of off-hand anecdotes.
But nothing turned up, nothing worthy of praise.
And so I sat on, my mind in a haze.

“I could post a re-run,” I thought to myself.
I have a large store on my virtual shelf.
No one will know! No foul will be called!
No readers will leave, annoyed or appalled.

But no, that’s not me. I’m not here to skate by.
I can’t quit or be lazy or not even try.
I must pen for my fans, I owe them that much.
And show them all how I can write in a clutch!

Whipping out paper, eraser, and pen,
I quickly thought about where to begin.
It has to be good, it has to be witty.
It surely can’t be something stupid or . . . bad.

So I scribbled and scrubbled, my pen it did fly.
The words fell like a torrent of rain from the sky.
It flowed and it moved, I wrote ream after ream.
“Why this even beats Ralphie’s Christmas school theme!”

But just as I got to my perfect The End.
I had second thoughts about what I should send.
It shouldn’t be grand, it shouldn’t be huge.
Like more Tiny Tim and not as much Scrooge.

So I grabbed my red pen and with ravenous edits
I cut it way down (much to my own credit).
And so, here it is, to help all spirits soar.
“Happy Christmas to all! And next week I’ll post more!”

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