2017 Reading Challenge

Are you reading enough? Probably not. Why should you read more? Because it makes poor pathetic souls like me, who like to write books, feel like we’re doing something useful. To that end, a number of “Reading Challenges” have been issued this month which I see circling around my writing community.

These challenges are typically designed to get you out of your comfort zone by listing a number of writing prompts. The “number” is often twenty-six so you can read one new book every two weeks. The prompts are in lieu of actual book titles, since it’s the only way to guarantee that no book on the list has already been read.

Here are some typical prompts:

  • A book recommended by a librarian
  • A book written before 1900.
  • A book longer than five hundred pages.
  • etc.

I already read about as much as my schedule allows. It’s typically in short bursts as I try to squeeze some time in between other events. I wouldn’t say I read a lot. Perhaps at one time I might have said that until I ran into people (lots of people) who say, “Oh, I read about average: like a thousand books a year.” Uhhhh . . .  I could do that if I did absolutely nothing else. I don’t want to do absolutely nothing else. I’m bursting with all sorts of projects I need to complete.

I’ve looked around at the wide array of book-reading prompts out there and believe me there are a lot of them. Seems like for every ten avid readers out there at least eleven of them have issued some sort of challenge and uploaded it to the interwebs. I would declare this is completely unnecessary except for the singular fact that I want to do the same thing.

I can’t read one book every two weeks, but I can probably read one every two months. And so can you! So here’s Charlie’s Reading Challenge for 2017:

  1. A book written in 1941 with exactly eleven chapters but over 200,000 words.
  2. Any book currently banned in at least forty countries.
  3. A book where the protagonist is a fourteen year old girl named Waldroop who is the mayor of a Midwestern city.
  4. A book about a group of seven kids doing nothing as they battle no one in a futuristic utopian society.
  5. One of my finished novels.

Hey, it’s not called a challenge for nothing. Good luck!

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I remember going to the River Forest Public Library on Saturday mornings and checking out 8 books (the limit!) and finishing them all by the next Saturday. But of course, that’s before I had a job, responsibilities, the INTERNET to read!

Okay – here’s my goal for 2017. Read TWO books all year. I am getting nervous already I won’t meet the challenge. And one of them better be yours 😀

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